Airplanes Are Biggest Export in 14 U.S. States

Sales are soaring for commercial airplane manufacturers. The two largest, Airbus and Boeing, have a combined backlog of 10,000 aircraft worth nearly $1 trillion.

That’s good news for American suppliers and the transporation and logistics providers that each year ship millions of airplane parts by truck, rail and ship before the finished product takes to the skies.

Airplanes and airplane parts are the largest U.S. export by revenue in 14 states, according to U.S. Census Bureau data compiled by the cost-estimating website

Top exports by state infographic

Needles from Minnesota?

Globally, the United States is the top exporter of aircraft and aircraft parts, accounting for 36.6% of all trade in the industry in 2012, according to the the International Trade Centre (and reported by Quartz).

Most of those exports come from Boeing, America’s largest exporter, whose supply chain is as global as its list of customers.

For example, building the Boeing 787 involved dozens of suppliers from 10 countries.

The Anatomy of a Boeing 787

Anatomy of a Boeing 787
All these imports and exports are great news for trucking companies, which burn through roughly 37 billion gallons of diesel fuel each year to move America’s freight.
Ironically, the top two Boeing customers in 2014 (Emirates and Qatar Airways) are in the Middle East, the source of much of the United States’ largest importcrude oil.
Top imports by state infographic
Again, thanks to for these great infographics.

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